Knowledge vs. Understanding in the World of Gluten

In "No Cookie For You," I briefly mention how the practice of consciously considering gluten is different than passively knowing facts about gluten consumption and celiac disease. Here I explore that idea and dig deeper -- beyond gluten consumption -- all the way through to the surface: gluten contact. 1) Gluten Uncertainty Principle A few weeks … Continue reading Knowledge vs. Understanding in the World of Gluten

The Allergy Train

I'm pretty accepting of the fact that I can't eat gluten-containing foods without suffering the consequences. I know that it will irk some people and result in dubious looks from others. I know that when restaurants charge more for gluten-free sandwiches it's because gluten-free bread costs them more than regular bread, and I am happy … Continue reading The Allergy Train

Ethics of Gluten-Free

Currently the only available treatment for celiac disease is a gluten-free diet. It may seem simple. If I have celiac disease, then I cannot consume gluten. End of story, right? Not quite. Researchers are working on a pharmaceutical treatment, which unveils a few ethical questions that might not generally be given the limelight. 1) Why study … Continue reading Ethics of Gluten-Free