Celia Kaye Lifestyle

Let us help you live a well-edited life.

Celia Kaye Lifestyle looks at clean living under a microscope. We drill into wardrobe selections to ensure that you look your best every day with little effort and minimal decision-making. We adjust your meal plan to find what’s convenient, inexpensive, healthy, and green. Our certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist can explain what clean eating is really all about.

Living a well-edited life doesn’t mean eating blandly, having a lone chair in an otherwise empty living room, or having a schedule so Spartan that you have no leisure time. When done correctly, it is feasible and sustainable. Celia Kaye Lifestyle is here to help edit.

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And if you think you don’t have time for a consultation, or if you think it would be just another thing on your To Do list, you’re a perfect candidate. You can contact us even if you only have a vague idea that you need help getting your life in order and can’t really pinpoint what’s not working.

We’re the editors. We spot the issues.

Below are examples of some of our most common topics:


  • Time management & productivity
  • Clean eating, wellness & fitness
  • Style
  • Minimalism
  • Organization & decluttering

Small Businesses

  • Time management & productivity
  • Improvements to existing systems
  • Business structuring
  • General consulting