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After she was diagnosed with celiac disease in 2012, Kaitlin began working to spread awareness, further research, and help others cope with the disease by sharing her experience. She worked with several organizations, university celiac centers, and brands to highlight the options available for those living gluten-free, and researched celiac-friendly camps, colleges, and restaurants globally. She also collaborated with national and international celiac disease associations, and conducted and published interviews with dozens of gluten-free food, cosmetics, and skincare companies before expanding her focus to include all food allergies and intolerances. She was formerly a regular contributor to The Huffington Post. (Scroll down for articles!)

In addition, Kaitlin’s celiac diagnosis was the catalyst behind her mission to develop clean living solutions to improve individual wellness, global public health, and environmental health.

Below are recent organizations with which Kaitlin has collaborated.

Children’s National

Girl Scouts

Boulder Brands

Children’s Book – The Adventures of Celia Kaye

Written by award-winning writer and Huffington Post contributor Kaitlin Puccio.
Illustrated by Grammy-nominated artist and art director Sarah Larnach.

“If your child was recently diagnosed with celiac disease or is struggling at school, then ‘The Adventures of Celia Kaye’ is a must read!” – Beyond Celiac


“From ocean bakeries with pirate battles to cracker-delivering Martians, Celia’s wild creativity spills on the pages of this visually inspired book.” – Allergic Living


“This is a great book for newly diagnosed children and their friends.” – Barnes and Noble Kids Blog


Celia Kaye is a little girl who has something she thinks she needs to hide. She goes to great lengths to keep her mysterious secret concealed from her friends by becoming a master storyteller.

It is often difficult and frustrating for children to navigate food allergies and intolerances. This book is designed to help kids cope with and understand not only celiac disease, but all differences.

Kids will follow Celia Kaye on her adventures as she creates stories about her limitations using unlimited imagination.

Soon to be an animated television series for children.

Celia Kaye Explorer

Celia Kaye and Girl Scouts of Central Texas have teamed up to create the Celia Kaye Explorer Patch Program. Just in time for Celiac Awareness month, this program is designed to teach girls about celiac disease and other food allergies. The first 30 girls to complete all ten activities will receive a copy of “The Adventures of Celia Kaye.” Take a look!


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Watch a segment about the book on SinoVision below.

Learn about celiac disease and youth sports with author Kaitlin Puccio on raisingboys.tv.

The Adventures of Celia Kaye


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 Past events
“The Adventures of Celia Kaye” book reading and celiac disease discussion at Children’s National’s Gluten Free Education Day
“The Adventures of Celia Kaye” book reading and discussion at Seacrest Studios


For more, take a look at our Writing page. Our work has been translated into Italian, Estonian, Spanish, Finnish, Portuguese, and French.

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