About Kaye Labs

Consume knowledge. Edit consumption.

Kaye Labs is a research and consulting business that focuses on the intersection of lifestyle and global bioethics/law. We provide clean living solutions and educate individuals on the global impact of small-scale lifestyle improvements.

On the corporate side, Kaye Labs works with established companies that share our clean living philosophy to curate growth opportunities and to secure creative collaborations with our international network of leaders in government, business, and media.

The two branches of Kaye Labs may seem discrete, but they interact in ways that are not immediately obvious. How does Lifestyle overlap with Global Bioethics & Law? Consider how style and environmental policy intersect at sustainable fashion, or how clean eating speaks to both animal ethics and labor law. The goal of Kaye Labs is to address “the big issues” in the context of everyday life. Individual by individual, we can make global improvements.

Our Corporate and Research Branch

Kaye Labs collaborates with a select group of companies to procure opportunities for growth and expansion. Our present set of companies is currently valued at over $30MM and is projected to be worth more than $1B within five years.

Visit our Global Bioethics & Law page or contact us to learn more.

Our Lifestyle Branch

What’s the formula for a well-edited life?

The Kaye Labs philosophy is that a well-edited life begins with knowledge.

A celiac disease diagnosis was the catalyst behind founder Kaitlin Puccio’s mission to improve her overall health. After months of independent research, Kaitlin adopted a lifestyle that would accommodate her need to eat gluten- and lactose-free, and would do so in a way that was better for her overall health—and better for the health of the environment.

She started applying this same level of scrutiny to other aspects of her life: cosmetics and skincare products, cleaning products, fitness, and the amount of visual noise by which she was surrounded in her home.

Over time, Kaitlin was able to get back to eating “real” food (which was “agreeably” sourced), reduce the amount of chemicals she used on both her skin and her countertops, and declutter her mind by scaling back to owning only those material goods that served a purpose. She streamlined tasks that were taking away “think time” from her businesses, and implemented systems to maximize productivity.

Since moving part-time to Washington, DC, Kaitlin has maintained an open dialogue with a select group of ambassadors about issues in energy, environment, and global health. This dialogue continues to act as the catalyst for much of the independent research of Kaye Labs.

About Kaitlin Puccio


Kaitlin is a member of Meridian International Center’s Global Leadership Council, Global Women’s Innovation Network (GlobalWIN), Fashion Group International, The Foreign Press Association, and The Washington Ballet’s Jeté Society. Her academic background includes an undergraduate degree in Philosophy from NYU, and graduate degrees in Bioethics (Columbia, MS) and Law (Georgetown, JD). She is also a certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist and certified Pilates instructor, and is the founder of Bent Frame Entertainment Media, which houses Bent Frame Productions and Bent Frame Publishing. She was selected to be a Fellow at Georgetown Law’s Institute of International Economic Law for the 2018-2019 academic year.

Learn more about Kaitlin on kaitlinpuccio.com.